Biden Refuses to Answer If He Supports Packing the Supreme Court

Joe Biden has been given multiple opportunities to answer a very simple question whether or not he supports stacking the Supreme Court. Ever since Trump announced his plans to follow the Constitution and fill the vacancy ALL democrats have been losing their minds threatening that if/when they get control of DC they will stack the court (others as well) with judicial activists to nullify conservatives decisions on the bench.

I guess Joe has something to hide…

… the truth in this case would be that he in fact would stack the courts and the nominees are so radical he knows they would scare the hell out of independent and dem voters pushing them to Trump or not vote at all.

Rumor mill has it that Stacey Abrams is on the list, and while we’re at it we might as well assume that BOTH obama’s are on the list as well, because why not!!

Biden’s answers just don’t fly, he’s clearly hiding some radical nominees who will surely destroy this country if he, KAMMY and the dems win in Nov.

The dems use the courts to legislate when they can’t get their way in Congress, this nonsense wouldn’t be an issue if we had term limits for judges (dems have actually produced a bill to do just that!)

Biden is just a puppet doing what the people who have created a list of judges want him to do. Hell he’s so incompetent they probably haven’t told him who’s on it! At this point we can assume a “no” answer is in fact a “YES” from this career politician and one more reason to vote Trump/Pence and the GOP. This country cannot afford young radicals far worse than Ginsburg getting life appointments on SCOTUS. If so you can kiss the Bill of Rights goodbye right before the dems pour gasoline on it and set it on fire!