Dominion GA Worker Caught Downloading Data From Election Mgmt Server Onto USB


The acts of voter fraud and outright theft is prevalent yet judges… DEMOCRAT judges don’t care. Here we have a Dominion [Chinese Communist Party] employee messing with the vote tabulation in Gwinnett Cty, GA.

“Watch Dominion Representatives at Gwinnett County Election Central tabulation room suspiciously operate the batch adjudication system. They are highlighting adjudication batches up for review and either deleting or accepting batches WITHOUT REVIEWING.”

HARRIS/biden DID NOT win the election yet the media, big tech and elites are throwing gasoline on the fire treating them like the incoming new administration. Videos like this are enraging Americans and if the results are permitted to stand there is going to be real trouble in this country. Callers into Rush Limbaugh’s show Dec 4th had a common theme, they will not stand for this and are prepared to take action if it that is the case.

No honest judge can look at this video and many others, on this site and others, and rule in favor of the fraud. ANY judge who upholds these fraudulent election results are in on the coup against Pres Trump. Some say they’re worried about upsetting voters [biden] if they overturn it, well what about the MILLIONS who voted for Trump? Either way theres going to be trouble, but we’re far better off if Trump is rightfully declared the victor and democrats vow to finish off this county as we know it.