Patriots Bring the Fight to Unhinged Violent Democrats in Olympia, WA


Shortly before the election and since there has definitely been a noticeable change in confrontations between Trump supporters/Patriots and unhinged violent democrats. Patriots are not backing down from violent democrat’s threats and attacks as we’ve seen in the past. To the contrary in recent confrontations like today, during a pro-police, anti-lockdown protest, the democrat party’s foot-soldiers are getting a beating and run out!

The tide has turned especially now that dems have pulled every trick in the book to steal the election. Patriots are not taking their crap anymore.
Look at them, they’re wearing helmets, respirators, goggles, in some cases body armor and carrying guns meaning they’ve come to fight against people in shorts/jeans, wearing ball caps who get sprayed and still these dems get beat!

Today is just a teaser of what’s to come. When the real fight begins, democrats are going to get bulldozed over… VIOLENTLY! That said, it would be in democrats best interest to stop attacking the Right. With what has happened over the last 4 years, let a lone the last 30 days, people have HAD IT with dems. They’re posting it online and calling into to radio shows more or less saying they’re ready to “go”.