Whistleblower Reveals Coca-Cola is Training Employees to “Try to be Less White”

Progressives are out of control, poisoning every aspect of American corporations and life pushing RACISM against white people in the name of racial justice. Yes, you read right, anyone and everyone pointing fingers of blame against white people, pulling the white privilege card and all the other nonsense are in fact RACISTS against white people. Just as blacks or any other minority didn’t choose to be born black, brown, yellow, red the same is true for whites! Yet the media, corporations, Hollywood etc are on full attack against white people and everything connected to whites.

Coca-Cola is taking racial justice calls for diversity to new mind blowing levels as seen in these screenshots captured by a whistleblower employee…

This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what Coke is up to. If you’re a listener of Glenn Beck this shouldn’t be news he went into it in detail Feb 3rd of their plan for ‘policies on diversity and equity. They sent out notices to all partnered law firms, demanding a required percentage of diverse attorneys on any legal team working for the corporation. The notice says all legal teams also must report these numbers QUARTERLY, and they will lose Coca Cola’s business if they do not comply’, it’s quite disturbing because you know other companies are going to follow.

It’s only going to get worse unless people start standing up to these insane acts of social engineering, and demonizing of white people.