EVERYONE Gets a Stimulus Check!


Good news about the $1.9T “covid” stimulus bill passed in the Senate by democ.. socialists, they’re giving taxpayer money to felons, terrorists and illegals! This is just another example how out of control the socialist party has become just barely 2 mos into this new regime.

[FYI long thread by Cruz you might want to read]

If illegals were not getting covid aid as many Leftists claim (DICK Durbin), then why would Sen Cruz have to introduce an amendment to have them excluded!?

Look at it this way you work hard, paid taxes where all you get back is $1400, which is far less than what you pay, AND your tax money is going to a terrorist, racist killer, convicts and people who have absolutely no respect for this country, its laws nor the citizenry!

How much more America? When exactly are you going to take a page from the Left’s playbook to organize a massive tax revolt? Take the money away from DC they’re dead in their in tracks. A few thousand, even tens or hundreds of thousand won’t matter, but if there are millions who refuse to pay taxes there is NOTHING the govt can do. They can fine but they can’t arrest everyone!

You can’t sit around anymore waiting for someone to do something, you have to be that someone. Millions of Americans fed up with this abuse have got to rise up.