Pelosi Says Troops to Stay in DC as Long as Needed: Protect the Capitol From ‘All the President’s Men Out There’

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said in her daily press conference US National Guardsmen will remain in DC for as long as they’re needed – in other words indefinitely. Why? Well for starters the democ..socialists continue to conjure a boogeyman of an impending attack carried out by radical Trump supporters, or as she put it protecting the Capitol from ‘threat of all the President’s men out there’. You know Trump supporters and conservatives whom the Left is calling domestic terrorists!



As a matter of fact, today was supposed to be the big day, then nothing and what do you know now we hear the insurrectionists changed the date to Mar 20th!

And when the 20th comes and goes there will be another excuse the Left is already plotting since the Pentagon is apparently reviewing a request to have troops in DC for another 60 days.

Until proven otherwise the reason.. reasons really for the troops to remain deployed in DC is because of all the extremely radical pieces of legislation being brought up. If/WHEN they are passed something will surely happen.

Through HR1 dems will make everything they did in and for the 2020 election, and then some, the law.
Defunding the police is on deck in the Senate too, that will go over well as Leftists continue to BurnLootMurder. Then you have an immigration bill to grant amnesty and full citizenship to at least 20M illegal aliens, unless the old kook finds a way to do it via Executive Order. Oh and we cannot forget gun control, to disarm each and everyone of us from protecting ourselves against the criminals socialists will let loose. All of this before they pull the trigger on this Great Reset that will wipe out American’s wealth, changing America into some dystopian nightmare, and the world for that matter under some perverted new world order.
The nuts warning against this for years were right btw!

So yes, troops are in DC and will stay there because socialists know what they’re doing is beyond criminal and they FEAR YOU!

Those serving better take a serious look in the mirror and decide whose side they’re on, tempus fugit.