Biden Comfortable Limiting Who Gets Stimulus Check Payments


The socialist party and their candidate ran on many promises in 2020, one being a $2000 stimulus payment to Americans. Today, the illegitimate occupant met with the Transportation Sec and a bipartisan group of House members on Infrastructure and took questions from the media, where one asked in regards to the covid bill restricting eligibility for stimulus check payments:

Reporter: Are you comfortable having to limit the direct payments?
Xiden: Yes.
Reporter: What do you say to the 12 million Americans who won’t receive checks anymore?
Xiden: πŸ¦—πŸ¦—πŸ¦—πŸ¦—…. Thank you all for coming.

So there you have it America, especially those who voted for him and pushed back hard on anyone challenging the election results, the old kook is fine with limiting those who get $1400 stimulus checks, that are of course lower than what was promised. This clown can’t keep any of his promises unlike President Trump who kept his and did far more for the country.

Nasty lessons to be learned over the next four years. And just think everything they did to “win” in 2020 the Left is now trying to make permanent via HR1!