108 “Migrants” Tested Positive For Covid Released in TX by Biden Admin

We are told daily that this is the most deadly pandemic in history. Anyone who talks out of line about covid is censored if not canceled. The illegitimate occupant has called leaders rescinding state issued mask mandates neanderthals, and has also said it may be another year until we get back to normal…

All that propaganda we’ve heard about this “deadly virus”, and the vicious attacks anyone who speaks out of line about it, shouldn’t be surprised the illegitimate regime has an open door policy (via catch and release) on the US border, where 108 ILLEGAL ALIENS who tested positive for covid were released into Texas,.

“At least 108 illegal immigrants tested positive for coronavirus before being released into Texas by Border Patrol
– An official in Brownsville, the Texas border city where the tests were administered, disclosed the alarming figure on Wednesday
– They said the 108 positives account for 6.3 percent of the more than 1,700 migrants who tested at a Brownsville bus station since January 25
– Romero said the positive individuals were advised to quarantine, but officials don’t have the authority to stop them from traveling elsewhere in the US
– Noticias Telemundo Investiga spoke to several migrants who said they tested positive for the virus and planned to proceed with their travels to other states”
~ Megan Sheets|DailyMail

You Leftists can applaud this regimes open border/immigration policy but you do know illegals are priority to the ruling elite, even over YOU!

Americans are to be muzzled, isolated, viciously attacked if they step out of line because they ARE second, third when it comes to conservatives, class citizens to illegal aliens (first class soon to be citizens).

As this site has been saying as of late, this is why troops are still in DC. Those monsters know sooner or later they’re going to make someone snap.