Democrats Vote to Defund the Police Nationwide

The socialist party is proving they plan to bulldoze over America with their radical policies. They’re plotting to change the electoral system guaranteeing permanent one party rule, grant amnesty to 20M illegal aliens, release felons from prison, massive gun control, and as promised defund the police with 220 Yeas, 212 Nays via HR 1280 in the name of George Floyd, who died from a drug overdose NOT a choke hold.

This is who these people are, take them at their word NEVER dismiss anything they say or promise. When bin laden warned there would be blood in America’s streets in 1998 NO ONE listened and look what happened. When these monsters say they want to take rights away, create new voting block, raise taxes, destroy capitalism etc BELIEVE IT. Anyone who says “that won’t happen” is delusional because a lot of the “won’t happen” is in fact going on.

We’re not even 2 mos into this new regime, the radicals are just getting started. This is yet another reason why troops are still in DC!