Psaki: NO Plan to Reverse Policy Allowing All Unaccompanied Children Into the US

The Minister or Propaganda quickly responded ‘NOPE’ when asked ‘Are there any discussions about reversing the policy of allowing all unaccompanied children into the US?’

First off this regime is engaged in outright CHILD ABUSE with this open border policy. Children are being used, if not sold to cartels and coyotes for illegals to use to enter the US. The kids who come through on their own are being used as an anchor for the families to get across to join them as well! Child trafficking has skyrocketed over recent years and the illegitimate regime now owns a chunk of it.

Second, these children and people they’re coming across the border with ARE NOT escaping prosecution or persecution or any other excuse being used. Who is prosecuting them? Why isn’t the UN all over that or any of the other alleged reasons people are using to come here. As far as economic goes, that’s their home countries fault. MANY mind you get financial aid from YOU in the sum of billions. So the US govt continues to shell out foreign aid that goes into the pockets of corrupt govts instead of being put toward their economies and infrastructure to help the people so they don’t have to come here!!

Psaki is outright lying this admin IS NOT sending anyone back. If illegals get across the border they stay, as there is now talk of shipping people to other states and military bases.

What you just heard is the mouthpiece of the Xiden regime ADMITTING this govt is VIOLATING federal immigration laws. It doesn’t matter who they are, how old, or how they got here. ANYONE crossing the border is breaking the law.

ANYONE aiding, assisting and/or harboring illegal aliens has committed a federal crime


Why? As this site points out routinely, to do to the entire US what was done to California resulting in a socialist run govt under permanent one party rule.