Biden Claims Anyone Making Less Than $400K Won’t Pay a Single Penny in Taxes

The senile puppet occupying the White House told a doozy of a Big Lie today that “Anybody making less than $400,000 a year will not pay a single penny in taxes.”

When this out of control govt moves to tax the rich and big corporations do you think the bean counters and executives are sitting around saying, “Oh well we won’t be able to make as much as we did. We’ll have to accept we’ll be paying more to govt.” No, no they won’t, they’ll continue making the same amount of money.

Here’s what’s going to happen than anyone with a clue on economics and finance knows as fact:

When the govt raises taxes on corporations and the rich… ya know the people who create jobs, products and services they will pass their tax burden onto their workers and customers!

The workers will see a cut in pay, hours, benefits or the elimination of their job!
Customers will see an increase in the prices for the companies products or services.

So while John and Jane Doe who make less than $400K a year are not getting taxed directly they will be “taxed” through all the things buy from food to fuel.

This old SOB KNOWS THIS and so does his handlers, but none of them care, it’s all about satisfying the maniacs like AOC and co who are really running things right now. It’s also about putting some of the competition of those who are friends of the democrat party out of business too!

When the price of whatever it is you buy goes up after these fools raise taxes understand YOU GOT TAXED! Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

Oh and if you believe when the Left pushes whatever bill to raise taxes won’t be loaded with other wasteful spending that won’t raise the deficit I have some beachfront I want to sell you in Afghanistan.