Biden and Democrat Party Are the EXACT REASON Why You Should Own an AR-15

The senile old fool held a presser today on gun violence and as you would expect it was full of lies, too many to cover like his claims when 2A was written it limited the types of people who could own guns! A lie like no other since the Founders considered ALL the People militia, well regulated means well armed, trained, supplied and prepared etc.

The underlying message from this tyrant is: guns are bad, no one should have them but law enforcement(even though We [dems] want to defund them) and government. Anyone who wants a gun is criminal, an insurrectionist who will be taken out with F-15’s and nuclear weapons.

Yes America, the sitting president, Mr Unity THREATENED you with fighter jets and nukes, Eric Swalwell style!!!

This old fool and his admin.. really the obama admin, are the very reason why we have the Second Amendment and each and every American should own at least one AR-15 and a handgun because, write this down, THEY ARE THE TYRANTS the Founders feared who would come to power. They are why you need ‘a weapon that can fire over 30, 40, 50, even up to 100 rounds.’

The illegitimate individual is such a hot mess he couldn’t even get Jefferson’s quote right… “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants,” and as for his threat to use jets and nukes he can tell that to the Vietnamese and Afghan people!

As stated in the past, while I’m no fan of Ventura’s everything he said here is true!

Here’s a hard fact the Left will never acknowledge – the Founders, after fighting largest military in the world and being outgunned for most of it, wanted the people to be as well armed as the govt so they wouldn’t be outgunned again! Anyone who says “you can’t have military weapons” is lying since ALL weapons are military.. weapons of war and it was the intentions of the Founders for the People to have weapons of war!! Hell they had cannons! What do you think the British were going to confiscate at Concord and Lexington, a couple pistols and barrels of gun powder? NO Guns lots of guns, couple cannons and lots of powder.

Also it might surprise many to know semiautomatic weapons EXISTED in the 17th century! Belton Flintlock, Puckle Gun, Cookson Volitional Repeating Flintlock etc are all spelled out in this op by All-American Patriot proving the Left are nothing but a bunch of lying liars.

Lastly, until Hunter Biden is investigated, charged & prosecuted for blatantly violating gun laws Xiden, nor ANYONE in the obama regime, has NO GROUNDS to stand on speaking about gun control to any degree.

America this country is in serious trouble. The dems are trying to seize power through HR1/SR1 where Pelosi made it clear they need to get it passed so they can advance their agenda on gun violence. They’re straight up telling you what their plans are, and the first is to disarm you. That said you see how the Left is treating anyone who crosses them right now while there are 440M+ guns in the hands of Americans, imagine what they will do if you’re disarmed!!!


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