Fauci Says Mandating Masks For Vaccinated People is “Understandable”

Here we go, they’re going to push for another lockdown because “muh delta variant”. Fraudci tells Cavuto people already vaccinated should consider wearing masks indoors!

What is the point of being vaccinated if you still have to wear masks, social distance and all the nonsense we’ve dealt with over the last year?
The Left is adamant everyone gets the vaccine, so if they’re so confident in it then why the fear and panic!?

People you do not get to herd immunity through a vaccine shot mankind has not survive for millennia because of a shot. We got to herd immunity because people who got sick survived, their bodies adapted and they began to spread antibodies, this is why we’re not wiped out from the common or other illnesses we “shrug off now”. Mankind adapted by our immune system getting stronger, this is how you get to herd immunity! Anyone telling you you have to get a shot is liar and a SCIENCE DENIER!

If people are kept locked up in their homes, isolated from everyone exactly how do they build up immunities if they’re never around others!?

This is insanity and it is being driven by the power elites with their drones following in lockstep attacking anyone who doesn’t get the jab!

I’m not getting the vaccine, for a myriad of reasons, but for people to understand why I have one word for you ZANTAC.
Zantac was created in 1983, it got FDA approval as prescription drug, and was its use became so prevalent over 30+ yrs it became an over-the-counter drug. But now there are ads to join class action lawsuits because it causes CANCER! This is a drug that went through all the proper steps and testing, and TIME tested.

The covidvaccine had a “1 month trial”… when in reality each and every one of you getting it are the trial! Most vaccines are tested for at least 3-5 years, providing the necessary data for scientists and researchers. We don’t have that with covidvaccine, so understand that YOU ARE THE LAB RATS. That’s not being said to be mean, it’s a fact. And keep in mind this virus IS NOT the killer the powers that be are making it out to be. We are not burying hundreds of bodies in mass graves, nor burning bodies. It’s not the virus from the ‘Walking Dead’, ‘The Stand’, ‘Outbreak’, or REALLY ‘Contagion’ (go watch that movie, it should seem VERY familiar). This bug has a 99.96% survival rate among relatively healthy people of ALL ages!

This bug opened the door to power grabs, including undermining the Constitution, these people could’ve never imagined. Until we all start saying NO to Fauci, the Medical State and this regime, this abuse of power in the name of public health safety is never going to stop.