Dem Rep Garamendi: It’s “Not Sensible” to Provide Safe Passage For Americans From Afghanistan

California Democrat Rep John Garamendi, like his president, demonstrates the mindset of all Leftists. They couldn’t careless about Americans they left… hell left for dead in Afghanistan, but you can be damn sure if it was one of their own they would be demanding the 82nd and 101st airborne to drop-in along with the 1st Marine Div.

America, why in the hell do you insist on electing democrats to positions of power? This is the garbage you get, and understand this treatment Americans are getting all the way over there is no different from the treatment we get here! There should be no doubt over their HATE for those in the military, intelligence and those who helped them!

The level of disgust I have for theses people is off the charts… actually running out of anything to write that isn’t full of expletives.

Y’all better get your shit in line with 2022 midterms coming up. Better find a way to get involved with the elections to do whatever you can to keep what happened in 2020 from happening again because these bastards like Garamendi KNOW the People want them out. This means they’ll pull every trick in the book to stay in power.