Biden Defends Leftists Harassing Dem Senators

The fact that Sen Sinema and Manchin are democrats is irrelevant when Leftists are on a mission to fundamentally transform the USA. ANYONE who gets in their way is fair game as the illegitimate individual made clear today, “it’s part of the process”!

Leftists in canoes harassing Sen Manchin at his yacht is not as much of a problem as the monsters who went after Sen Sinema.

First off filming people without permission in a bathroom is is a class 5 felony under AZ statute 13-3019.
Second the “migrant”/ DREAMer filming and yapping is an ILLEGAL ALIEN. It doesn’t matter how she got into the US, at what age or who brought her. She has NO CONSTITUTIONAL rights, other that an immigration hearing, regardless of what progressives claim, and that includes NO LEGAL RIGHT TO PROTEST under the First Amendment!

Lastly, these people are textbook bullies, or if you want to go to the extreme they’re no different from jihadists – comply/submit/be enslaved or die!
Ignoring them only goes so far, because like a virus they never stop, so you have two choices:
Submit and be a good little slave
Beat them into submission, because these people do not want to talk, they have no desire to debate or come to an agreement. It’s all or nothing with them.

The days of being nice are far over.

One can only hope Sinema and Manchin stand their ground now that they’re getting a heavy dose of how conservatives are treated daily. For just once in their lives they need to do what’s right by not supporting the progressive’s spending bill, while also sticking it to Pelosi/AOC and Schumer…. but don’t hold your breath