Cheney Attacks Trump, Tells GOP: ‘You All Know’ Election Fraud Claims Are False

The Despicable Liz Cheney got her moment to attack President Trump during the one sided/ only one narrative to be told J6 Committee hearing today. But before she hit the President she had a message to the GOP calling them out that there is NO election fraud, Dominion voting machines were not compromised and all claims suggesting so are false.

This “woman” is the epitome of pure evil like most progressives. We have solid indisputable evidence of election fraud, voting machines being tampered, data being manipulated, ballots being counted multiple times, more voters than those registered and yet this living breathing demon continues to try to gaslight this country as it sits shoulder-to-shoulder with communists who are hell-bent on destroying this country.

Cheney is a democrat, it should be ousted from the GOP NOW and those in its district should take any and all actions to remove the beast from office. Waiting until the primaries is too far away, this beast can do a lot of damage between now and then.

This site does not condone the violence and destruction of property on J6. HOWEVER, the protesters did do something “good” – they put the fear of God in the DC elites. These people for far too long think and act that they are above the American people. They need to understand clearly they are our SERVANTS, we are their MASTERS. They do what we want them to do, not the other way around that we’re seeing from this beast and “her” ilk!