WH Blames Supply Chain Issues on Americans: You’re Ordering Too Much

According to the white house, all those cargo ships parked off the US coast are the American people’s fault. You all have too much money and are buying so much supplies for just about everything are down!

It’s kind of odd as there are more people unemployed now than when the economy was actually better under President Trump. The supply crisis has nothing to do with this regime’s insane policies resulting in lack of dock workers and “truckers” (truckers are there lack of crane operators seems to be the real problem), ports not being able to handle capacity etc.

All you people paying more for your food, fuel and cheap stuff made in china need to stop spending so much! It’s all your fault for being stuck at home over a fake bug,

In all seriousness, this radical destructive regime is NEVER going to take responsibility for the never-ending economic and social disasters they’re creating. And what kind of Transportation Sec takes a 2 month hiatus during a supply chain crisis!? That’s what happens when you appoint someone because of their sexual preference who is completely unqualified.