Scientists Admit Ạntibọdies Are Better Than the Vạccinạtion

These three scientists work for BἰgPhạrmạ and they reveal what we all have known since the beginning – your body does a better job protecting you than some engineered junk that hasn’t been fully tested! They also reveal BἰgPhạrmạ is keeping track of who gets the jab and their business model for the time being is all about the bug. So obviously BἰgPhạrmạ is going to grease the wheels of DC and others to keep people terrified and in a state of panic over a highly contạgἰous but survivable flu (99.96% survival rate for relatively healthy people of all ages).

Other treatments are downplayed because these monster companies won’t be able to make the big money they’re making right now with the govt, media, Hollywood etc acting as their partners/ sales staff! The alternatives are quite effective but if you even mention them now on social media the Left bends over backwards to silence you.

If the Left was serious about this bug they would shut the border down vs making excuses why illegals can enter the US infected but you have to be locked and muzzled up. This bug like everything progressives out their filthy paws on is all about money, power and control over all of us.

These guys probably won’t have their jobs for long, but what they say you know is the truth, nothing is out of context.

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