Tlaib Admits She Only Wears a Mask for Cameras

Rashida Tlaib thought she was smart even with the cameras rolling, but was caught admitting two things:
1) she only wears a face panty when being watched by a republican tracker
2) by making this admission she proves face panties don’t work

Day after day we have one example after another proving this thing with the bug is a complete and total farce. The nonsense at the border alone is proof, yet these monsters in power continue to weaponize the bug for power and control.

You know it all stops the minute you all refuse to comply? If hundreds, thousands, entire communities etc of people stop following these unconstitutional orders theres NOTHING the elites can do. They can’t arrest an entire town, city or state. They can try to fine everyone but again if NO ONE pays the fine there’s nothing the elites can do. Sooner or later you’re all going to have to realize there are more of us than them. STOP BOWING DOWN TO THE MONSTERS. Look at her Tlaib knows it’s all bs but she’s right there like others pushing the policies and fear because she knows you’re all afraid of what might happen! That fear isn’t real, it’s a manifestation in your head of what might happen.

‘Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order’ and watch how these people will cower to you!