Biden: Higher Gas Prices Hurt Families, “Not Right” For Russia & Saudi Arabia to Not “Pump More Oil”

24 hours ago the illegitimate individual occupying the White House blamed the policies of the Green New Deal for rising gas prices thus justifying the need for the GND(?!). Now he blames Russia, Saudi Arabia and other oil producing nations for not pumping enough oil that has caused rising gas prices that hurt families!

Joe Biden, the democrat party and progressives HURT AMERICAN FAMILIES!

The US was energy independent under President Trump. This fool and his handlers torpedoed that policy out of pure hate and spite. You know who’s to blame? ANYONE and everyone who voted for this fool and ceding majority power in Congress to his radical closet communist party. You’d still be paying around $2/gal for gas right now if Trump was still in office. We wouldn’t be experiencing inflation a strained economy and a border invasion if democrats weren’t allowed to steal the 2020 election. So blame your democrat and never trump neighbors, co-workers, friends and family for all the bs going on.