Biden Insists Surging Gas Prices Caused By Green New Deal Policies is Reason to “Double Down” on GND

Nothing the illegitimate individual says makes sense. This senile fool says that gas prices are surging because of the Green New Deal so it gives the Left all the more reason to double down on the GND!

Hey, we started a fire so we should start more fires to put the fire we already started out!

Gas prices are surging because this jackass at the order of obama-jarrett-rice ended all of President Trump’s energy policies that made the US energy independent. The world was coming to the US for oil now this jackass has us begging the Saudis for oil with Putin right behind them.

This old fool is going to run the US into the ground leaving us not only vulnerable economically but also militarily. Blame your friends, co-workers and family members who voted for this fool, the harlot and their party for all of this.