Biden on Mandates Encroaching on Freedom: ‘What’s The Big Deal?’

The illegitimate individual once again demonstrates his handler’s agenda is to destroy your rights and freedom. In this clip the old fool rants about people being patriotic and submitting to mandates for an untested experimental compound to be pumped in their body.

He wants to know what the big deal is, just give up a little bit of your freedom and ability to make decisions for yourself and family!?

If the shot works why do you need 3 now, still have to wear a mask and social distance?

Btw what he just said here is not true, it would get any of us booted off social media because no shot is 100%, people who get the shot are getting sick and passing the bug around!

Just do what you’re told America, it’s just a mask, it’s only 2 weeks, it’s just one shot, it’s just so you can vote, it’s not a tax … the lies continue from this puppet of outright monsters who are pulling his strings and it leads one to ask:

WHY? Why are these people so hell-bent for everyone to get this shit pumped into their bodies for a bug that has a 99.96% survival rate for relatively healthy people of all ages??

What is in it, that they want everyone to get the shot?