Rep MTG Calls Out Communists In Charge of Jan 6 Committee

Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke out on the House floor in defense of fmr WH Chief of Staff and Congressman, Mark Meadows being held in contempt of Congress, calling those running the J6 committee exactly what they are – a bunch of communists.

“We saw Democrats encourage, incite, and continue to call these riots peaceful. And then when they got arrested and put in jail, they bailed them out so they could go out and riot some more.

I rise in opposition to this resolution to hold Mark Meadows in contempt of Congress because it’s being held by nothing but a kangaroo court. Congress’ job is to make laws, not enforce them, that’s the role of the Executive and the Judicial Branch of this government. But somehow the communists here in charge have forgotten.. or no, not forgotten, are purposefully abusing the Constitution and what this body of Congress is supposed to do.”

That last line says it perfectly, the communists “are purposely abusing” their power.
Because NO ONE is standing up to them. While seeing MTG and maybe a literal handful of actual conservatives rip dems a new one, it’s not enough.

If the tables were flipped with the dems a minority and the repubs were doing what they’re doing, the dems would find ways to stop them. The GOP does nothing to stop to stop the dems, because in reality, again with the exception of a handful of conservatives, the GOP is just as if not worse than the dems!

Congress Summed Up in One Cartoon

The GOP do nothing but talk tough, bitch on social media when they’re not running to get on Fox News!

We need to elect people with a spine who are willing to take action and be hated by party leaders! Otherwise the communists will be running everything and deciding who wins elections!!