Fauci: Americans May “Just Have to Deal With” Yearly Boosters

Because Americans do not know how to say NO and engage in civil disobedience Dr Mengele…Fauci continues to wield power never granted to him from voters to wear useless masks and get jabbed with an untested, experimental compound that is apparently killing more people than helping!

The little evil elf went on ABC to capitalize on the Xi variant telling Clinton agent and propagandist, George Stephanopoulos, that the American people will “just have to deal with it” getting yearly boosters, again of an untested experimental substance if they become “necessary.” Aren’t they all to these tyrants!?

Fauci and his progressive enablers are NEVER going to stop. This bug opened the door to progs on how to circumvent the Constitution and seize power in the name of public safety.

Y’all better start standing up refusing to comply and telling these bastards NO. If everyone would just stop en masse this ends in 1 day. They can’t arrest and fine entire communities, or hundreds even thousands of people in a mall, in airports etc. Take a page from the Left start organizing and RESISTING these tyrants.