MSNBC Mẹdicẚl Expert Says Unvạccỉnạted People Deserve ‘Negative Incentives,’ Should Be Denied Họspỉtẚl Cẚre

Radical unhinged Leftists are proving they want Americans who do not get in lockstep with their agenda and “science” dead – there’s no other way to say it! MSNBC medỉcal “expert” Dr Vin Gupta, clearly a progressive, makes the case that anyone who doesn’t get the shot should be subjected to ‘negative incentives’, to in fact be denied họspỉtẚl care just as those seeking organ transplants are denied if they smoke, drink, abuse drugs or what have you!

[FYI special characters must be used because of Big Tech censorship]

LISTEN and COMPREHEND to what these people are saying every single day, you either comply or die! This should sound familiar with another group of “people” who hate all of us – radical jihadists. They’re the same way, either submit to their form of islam or die. There really isn’t much difference between Leftists and jihadists when you wipe away the sugarcoating. Anyone with an open mind will see this, those in denial will call this comparison extreme and way off, but they aren’t.
Try this one on: jihadists like to removed historical artifacts they find offensive, I seem to remember Leftists bending over backwards to remove statues and monuments they too find offensive.
See theres’s no difference bewteen them!

Point here is Leftists are no longer hiding the hate they have for anyone going against them. If you frequent twitter you’ll see some outright posting their wishes for people on the Right to get sick and die, a handful make outright death threats, while others use clever language and comparisons as Gupta here did.

Progressives want you enslaved or dead, start acting accordingly.
It’s NOT 1776 again kids, it’s 1861…