Harris DESPICABLY Compares J6 Riot to Pearl Harbor & 9/11

The harlot demonstrated why she is one of the most disliked politicians in US history, as she despicably compared the J6 riot to the attacks on 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, both that resulted in thousands of deaths.

There was only 1 death as a result of direct violence on J6, and that was when DC Capitol Police Lt Michael Byrd MURDERED Ashli Babbitt.

Yes, there were other deaths that day, but as we learned they were the result of natural causes. And no Leftists, we’re not going to get into the details since there are plenty of sites that have already covered it.
Here you go from your blessed WaPo
“Kevin Greeson, 55, of Athens, Ala., and Benjamin Philips, 50, of Ringtown, Pa., died of natural causes due to cardiovascular disease. The medical examiner ruled that Rosanne Boyland, 34, of Kennesaw, Ga., died of accidental acute amphetamine intoxication.”
Officer Sicknick died from a stroke, he was never beaten to death with a fire extinguisher.

If what the harlot and others claim is true, then what do you call what BLM and antifa have been doing since 2020?
500+ Pearl Harbor’s and 9/11’s!?

This woman is truly a monster, she and her waste of flesh boss are clearly pushing a narrative by the Left to rewrite history. They will continue to tell the lies about J6 so years from now the only memory people will have is “how conservatives tried to overthrow the government”.

Progressives are masters of language and retelling history, aka revisionist history. They’re still doing it over the Holocaust, been doing it about 9/11 to some degree but more so about the war that followed. They do it subtly, little changes here and there, like when they refer to our nation calling it a “democracy.” The USA is a REPUBLIC, not a democracy but they lie because YOU LET them and NEVER correct them!

There was an attack on this nation, it was a bloodless coup stealing the Presidency and control of government to produce the mess we’re living in now thats headed to be a nightmare!