Tucker Took Ted Cruz to the Woodshed For Calling Americans Terrorists

Ted Cruz was given an opportunity to explain his attack on Americans, who were attending the J6 protest, for calling them terrorists during a Senate hearing on Tucker Carlson’s show. The TX Senator claimed what he did was “sloppy and dumb,” and that he was talking about those who engaged in violence and destroyed property, but Carlson wasn’t having any of it and neither were viewers, ‘I guess I just don’t believe you.’

Cruz is not dumb, he’s quite intelligent, if this explanation… excuse he attempted to give Carlson was true then why didn’t he immediately correct or clarify himself during the hearing!?

The guy F’d up badly and tonights performance only made things worse. Cruz is trying to dig himself out of quicksand.

The Learning lesson here is we need to stop putting certain politicians on a pedestal hold them accountable because the truth is the majority of them are an incredible disappointment. Also should point out many came to power from the TEA Party movement, and they all have gone past their shelf life as Dana Loesch pointed out on her show. These people in DC need to understand clearly they are our SERVANTS, they do what we want. The majority are not, they’re just talking a lot never delivering on ANYTHING they thunder away on.

Perfect examples Trey Gowdy, Jason Chaffetz and even Devin Nunes – all three have talked tough but did nothing and are now out of Congress with their nice jobs at Fox and working for Trump.

“well the GOP is minority, they have no power”

Uh huh, well if the roles were reversed I guarantee the dems would find every single trick in the book to get things done. Oh wait they did, when they were minority. They got in the way repeatedly when Trump was President and the GOP let them!

We need DOERS, not talkers in the GOP.

Following the interview Jason Whitlock appeared on Tucker expressing the same, so let this be a warning to the GOP, NONE of your jobs are safe. 80 million++ Americans are royally pissed off, we’re done.

Do Your Damn Jobs or Get the Hell Out… or WE WILL REMOVE YOU!