Fạủcỉ: There “May Be The Need” For a FOURTH Shot

People all around the world are done with this bs flu, and now that truckers, whom we’re dependent on for everything from food to fuel, are taking a stand many leaders are giving up on mandates and lockdowns over fear of what comes next! BUT DrMengeleFauci is putting up a fight on the way down continuing with calls for people to wear face panties and that there ‘may be the need’ for another shot… a fourth one!

Aren’t the Israelis on the fourth shot while their case rates continue to climb and death rates are quite low?

This evil elf is more or less admitting the junk thats been pumped into millions doesn’t work, but he wants to pump more UNTESTED EXPERIMENTAL crap with BAD side effects into people. Again Ill ask WHATS IN IT that those in power want everyone to have it?
Can you say “gene therapy”? (More on that later.)

No “doctor” no one is buying your lies and nonsense anymore. No one is interested in this bug and “vaccine” you’ve played a role in unless it’s a criminal investigation for acts against humanity, violations of the Nuremberg Code and other criminal acts I’m sure some smart conservative lawyers are researching. You and your ilk are drunk with the power you got, from this fake pandemic but it’s all coming to an end.

Take your booster and mask, turn them sideways and shove them up you ass Tony.