McConnell: Jan 6th ‘Violent Insurrection’ After a Legitimate Election

Mitch McConnell announced his retirement today when he FOOLISHLY claimed the J6 RIOT was a ‘violent insurrection’ after a legitimate election. This guy is a progressive carrying the water for his BEST FRIENDS across the aisle as well as traitors Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney.

Mitch’s failure and betrayal to America is now complete. There is NO DOUBT whose side he’s on, PROGRESSIVES always stick together and that’s what you’re hearing in this video.

I’ve heard all the pro-arguments for this guy over the last couple years… yea yea he’s stopped some of the dems bullshit bills, and got a ton of judges through. He stopped Merrick Garland from his shot sitting on SCOTUS, while helping to get 3 “conservatives” on the bench. BUT he hasn’t taken a page from the dems playbook to bring the Senate to a halt or even take it over regardless of the fact he is the minority leader. Some of us have not forgotten how the dems ran the Senate, and the House, when they were minority – at one point it seemed like Schumer was running the show giving Mitch orders.

And now he calls Americans who went to DC to support the rightful President violent insurrectionists. How do you have a violent insurrection if NO ONE is armed? Go watch the videos (security and from individuals) from the Capitol and you’ll see it wasn’t anything close to an insurrection. It’s getting really old how people are using words way out of their meaning.

The election was NOT legitimate, we have solid proof of voter fraud, ballot tampering, counts and machines being tampered. It’s there but none of our elected officials like this POS wants to acknowledge the evidence and testimonials. There is no way in hell 80M Americans voted for the nightmare we’re all living throught right now.

It’s time for Mitch to go, someone somewhere needs to primary this POS, and we can replace him with Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee or another conservative – NOT card carrying RINO.