Energy Sec Thinks Solar & Wind Power is ‘Greatest Peace Plan’

Energy Sec Jennifer Granholm said solar panels and wind turbines are ‘greatest peace plan’. This is “true” because those who depend on these insufficient forms of energy technology won’t have any power to put up a fight when their nation is invaded!

If solar and wind actually work WHY does California always have brown and blackouts? You should know these forms of energy production are what the Left wants for the ENTIRE U.S.A. if they ever get their New Green Deal passed! Solar and wind do not generate enough power, and should the Left get their dreams of everything going electric there won’t be enough power to charge up the batteries in your car or to run you phone! That being said the military won’t have the juice to run defensive systems, power vehicles, tracking systems etc etc so in theory there would be world peace because those on solar and wind won’t have a chance against those powered by dead dinosaur juice!!