High School Students in IL Walkout After Being Told to Mạsk Up or Leave

The American people of all ages have had enough of this cọvỉd circus. Initally is was those the Left called extreme right and Trump supporters refusing to comply, because they actually understand the science, but now 2 years into this orchestrated hoax, by progressives who clearly weaponized a flu strain, kids are now revolting against the mạndạtẹs!

Students of Vernon Hills HS in IL who refused to comply with the mạsk mạndạtẹ were moved to the school gymnasium and given a choice to mask up and go back to class, stay in the gym all day, or be removed and given a “mental health day” – they walked out!!

There is NO sceince to back up any of the policies being implemented in schools on children, let alone businesses and anywhere else Americans are being FORCED to wear useless face panties! Thankfully many are finally waking up that it’s not and was never about public health, it’s all about control and we the People are done.

The power elites are going to get desperate soon the more people rebel and we get closer to the midterm elections. They MUST have the nation in fear and on lockdown to justify implementing everything they did in 2020 that allowed them to steal the presidency from President Trump.

Resist at all costs, do not comply with any of these monsters. The fight hasn’t even started yet, what you do now will determine who is standing when the real fight starts..