Teacher Says Thin Blue Line Flag is the ‘New Confederacy Flag’


Based on what we’ve seen over the last year there is no doubt public schools are nothing but indoctrination centers. Here is a perfect example of how out of control teachers have become, this teacher tells a student his useless face panty that has the Thin Blue Line Flag printed on it is the ‘new confederacy flag’!

Supporting the police is now equated with racist southern DEMOCRATS, aka dixiecrats, who drove this country into civil war over their desire to keep blacks enslaved!! This clown is teaching alright, he’s “teaching” revisionist history to erase the atrocities of democrats by pinning it on the Right and anyone who supports the police!

Get your children out of public school system and either get them in a private school or start homeschooling. Yes, that is a tall order and most can’t afford private school or homeschooling, but if enough parents pull their kids out to homeschool you all can share the costs, form a homeschool pod, and hire a teacher or two. Good teachers are out there, they either can’t get a job because of their political views and values or were fired because they don’t like whats going on with the system, to teach your kids.

If you’re tired of this then you need to get involved, remove your school board replacing them with sane individuals and if you don’t trust anyone then YOU have to get on the board. The days of sitting around waiting for someone else to come along and fix things is over. That person you’re waiting for is staring at you when you look in the mirror.