FDA Exec: Biden Wants to Inoculate as Many People as Possible,Mandate Annual Shot

Christopher Cole, FDA Executive Officer, spilled the beans in an undercover video that the old guy not only wants everyone to get the jab but mandate that everyone gets the shot every year! Yea… he wants ALL Americans to get an untested experimental shot for a bug that has a 99.96% survival rate every year!

The FDA is apparently already positioned to throw this guy under the bus, PV gave and is open to giving him an outlet to get the truth out but instead sticks to the corporate script…

That should be the question every rational American is asking, especially those who already got the shot and got sick anyway!

There is no way in hell the old guy will ever be able to make this happen, Congress won’t push it after what’s happened in Canada, and all the bad polling here where even dems whose jobs are on the line won’t support it.Clearly, its all about this regime and big pharma getting rich at the People’s expense. The guy admits the shot isn’t as effective as they hoped, but the push continues regardless of the side effects that have cost lives!

Like everything this bug is all about power, control and money. Follow the money, no one will be surprised if Hunter Biden, who is a physical vessel for money laundering for his family, has a deal somewhere with big pharma.