Donald Trump: Clinton Spying is ‘FAR BIGGER’ Than Watergate

The REAL President of the United States, Donald Trump, called into the Glenn Beck radio show to discuss how the Clinton Crime Family was spying on his campaign and then admin. This scandal is truly bigger than Watergate, anyone saying otherwise is a LIAR but worse complicit to the nullification of MILLIONS of voters. Progressives spied on Trump, concocted a false story about him they drove hard through all news and social media to the point the socialists in Congress attempted to remove him from office via impeachment while others organized the biggest election steak in US history.

Everything that has happened to date was on purpose with the Clinton’s fingerprints all over it. The Clinton’s should be in jail at this point, Hillary would’ve been locked up had Trump not listened to progressive advisors who were against it.

Many independents and “moderate dems” swear if Trump runs in 2024 they will vote for him. That won’t matter so long as progressives continue to control the election system and count ballots. The GOP has DONE NOTHING as of today to prevent a repeat of the 2020 steal. YOU are going to have to get involved with your local election, to oversee these SOB’s if not take those with authority job’s!