If You Wear a ‘Lẹt’s Gọ Brạndọn’ Mạsk on Allegiant Air You’ll Get Kicked Off!

The airlines never miss a beat demonstrating how out of control they are, from jacking prices up, canceling flights at the last second, over-booking, no more peanuts and soda, “Oh you’re checking a bag?That’s an extra fee” (when did bringing clothes become optional that you have to pay to check your bag?) and you better have a mạsk on we like or else!

Allegiant Airlines reportedly kicked a guy off a flight because while he had a useless mask on it was “offensive” with ‘Lẹt’s Gọ Brạndọn’ written on it.

Since when does airport security, an airlplane attendant or the FAA override the First Amendment?

This is what happens when Leftists are in control of everything because people on the Right are too busy or don’t want to get involved, “leave me out of it please”. Everyone on that plane should started writing on their mạsk and chanting ‘Lẹt’s Gọ Brạndọn’. Nothing is ever going to change until the masses rise up, be it a plane load of people to an entire town. “They” can’t arrest or kick off an entire plane load of people or an entire town. The longer it’s one or handful of people rebeling the longer all this bullshit will continue.