Energy Sec: None Of Biden’s Policies Have Contributed To High Gas Prices

Energy Sec Jennifer Granholm is certifiably delusional telling Sen Marshall none of the illegitimate individuals anti-fossil fuel policies have contributed to high gas prices. She has surely taken comments from oil industry execs out of context because they KNOW the policies have hurt their business.

When was the last time a refinery was built? How many oil workers are out of jobs right now? How many taxes are imposed on fuel? Plenty more can be asked and cited but we all know the price of gas going up started because of the old guy. Remember the US was energy independent under Pres Trump, and on day 1 of the illegitimate regime the old guy began reversing all of Trump’s energy policies. The old fool has literally burned bridges with the Saudis who have blown off his calls for increased production. Everything this regime is doing is in the name of climate change fake science, regardless of the consequences. This could all stop tomorrow but it won’t because the climate change death cult has this admin by the balls. They would rather see the US collapse than do what’s right.