Biden: MAGA Crowd is Most Extreme Political Org in American History

The illegitimate individual, in accelerated cognitive decline, has told one of the biggest lies to date, that uneducated uninformed fools will take to the grave, that the ‘MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history’!

Extreme in what way? Because the MAGA crowd believes in personal and financial responsibility? America’s interests come first? That without borders we do not have a country? Support ones rights to free speech, right to defend themselves, and all the other rights spelled out in the US Constitution? Or that they aren’t a death cult like the Left who thinks wiping out fossils fuels(would kill millions when there is no fuel/energy for literally everything we depend on), bowing down to jihadists and America’s enemies, and killing babies among other things the Left embraces?

There are thousands of hours of video of MAGA crowds minding their business, not destroying property, burning cities down nor beating on people who have different opinion. Has this fool ever heard of The Weather Underground, Black Panthers, BLM, black-bloc, antifa or whatever the domestic terrorists are calling themselves this week? It’s not MAGA people who tore up Baltimore, Milwaulkee, New York City, LA, Portland or any of the other hot spots, and it’s most definitely NOT conservatives brazenly walking into stores destroying display cases stealing high end merchandise when they’re not just grabbing arm, backpack/suit case, shopping cart fulls of merchandise and walking out!

This is how threatened these monsters in power are that they will LIE about their opposition, to in fact demonize them stoking fear to have fellow Americans turn on them.

Of course not because you see all the violence committed by the Left is pinned on the Right. And this is accomplished by lying 24/7/365 like he does here to the degenerates in media who push similar lies : telling the same lie over and over again until it’s “true”.

This man is sick in so many ways, as is his handlers. If it’s not clear that they’re trying to start an armed conflict then I dunno what will be enough to convince people.

We ARE in civil war right now as the US was in the months weeks and days leading up to April 12, 1861, the actual shooting just hasn’t started yet.