Roe v Wade Leak Is All About Ending the Filibuster to Fulfill ‘Fundamental Transformation’

The SCOTUS draft opinion on Roe v Wade being leaked is not about abortion, “reproductive rights” or healthcare. It is a gateway giving unhinged anti-American ANTI-CONSTITUTION Leftists/democrats an excuse to call for an end of the filibuster.

This will open the door to obama’s promise of fundamental transformation being completed.

If the Left gets their way eliminating the filibuster, they will first push through a right to abortion law to save face to justify the power grab before going after their real intentions. With the filibuster out of the way, they’ll ram through the Green New Deal, bail out student debt for useless degrees at taxpayers expense, print money to no end and all the other pet projects before getting to the hardcore stuff.

First they’ll push to stack the SCOTUS by adding 4 Justices… political activists to the bench which will more or less nullify anything Congress does. You see when something doesn’t go their way legislatively the Left will just run it to SCOTUSx who will rubber-stamp it – this boys and girls is what happened in Venezuela.

Next, you can bet the last round in your chamber they’ll pass gun control that will make CA legislators jealous. With guns out of the way say goodbye to the First Amendment and all your other rights.

All those illegals coming across the border will be made US citizens with more rights and privileges than any red-blooded American ever had.

Say goodbye to the last two cents in your pocket, as these monsters will make legislative moves to take all that you have! They’ll then look into digital currency that they will control, and you can be sure they will have a system where they’ll be able to turn your wallet off it you buy too much, not the right things, or said the wrong thing!

Do you understand what will happen if these monsters get the power this site has been warning about for years!?

As of right now, we are in a defacto state of civil war… this isn’t STR saying it, it’s all over the net as many are warning war is coming.

CIVIL WAR If you think culture wars are bad, wait til America scraps Roe v Wade abortion law – it will be civil war

The supreme court’s coming abortion ruling may spark a new era of US unrest

During the second hour of his show, Glenn Beck ran through a list of “Wars” we’re already in right now from economic, social, cultural, globally etc while talking with Sen Roger Marshall.

That list boys and girls is proof we’re already in civil war, the actual shooting just hasn’t started yet. IMO the first shots will most likely be fired in Portland by very STUPID people on both sides. IF the Left uses this fiasco with SCOTUS to remove the filibuster an actual shooting civil war will be inevitable in America.