FDA Commissioner Claims There Is No Baby Formula Shortage, Just A “Distribution Problem”

FDA Commissioner Robert Califf told state media that there is no shortage in baby formula, it’s just a “distribution problem” so all you parents, grandparents and caretakers looking high and low for formula are just imagining things and not looking in the right place!

This regime is an absolute disgrace, maybe there’d be a little more on the shelves if this regime wasn’t hoarding formula to give(which is a crime) to illegal aliens. And… listen closely – this Is NOT Joe Biden’s fault! You can thank your dem and anti-Trump family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors for this mess.

If Trump were President right now, this probably wouldn’t have happened. But let’s say the shortage did happen, Trump would’ve had all the manufactures at the White House and within a day or two put a plan together to do something like operation warp speed, for the shot, for baby formula. Instead we have this waste of flesh, obama’s puppet, blowing if off and making excuses when he isn’t blaming someone.

Don’t know how you’re gonna do it America, but you better politically exterminate democrats and RINO’s from all state and federal congressional seats. At this rate there won’t be much of an America left by 2024.