As Parents Scrounge For Baby Formula, Biden is Sending PALLETS to the Border For Illegals!

GOP Rep Kat Cammack received texts with photos and videos from border agents, one of 30yrs, revealing that the illegitimate regime is stockpiling pallets of baby formula for illegal aliens invading America, while American parents are scrounging to find whatever they can to feed their babies!

This HOARDING of baby formula for ILLEGAL ALIENS is another example of the loathing and detest this admin has for Americans, and more proof this site has made numerous times that Americans are third class citizens in the eyes of the corrupt elite.

And for the record this AID and HARBORING of illegals by the illegitimate regime is in fact a FEDERAL CRIME per 8 USC 1327 Aiding Assisting Illegal Alien to Enter

and 8 U.S. Code § 1324 – Bringing in and harboring certain aliens

Some may claim that’s a stretch but this regime is advertising by its actions to illegals that if they enter the US they will be given shelter, medical care, FOOD, cell phone and money – THAT IS AIDING per the law.

This cache of baby formula should be seized and made available to Americans NOT illegal aliens who have NO RESPECT for this country and should be shipped out.