‘Replacement Theory’ is NOT Right-Wing It’s Another Product of the Left

The Left is bending over backwards to pin ‘replacement theory’, cited int he Buffalo killers manifesto, on the Right of being racist. And like clockwork the Left blames the Right for what THEY ARE saying and doing.

If you don’t know what ‘replacement theory’ is you’re not alone, no one on the Right knows about it because it was started in the late 1800’s in France and adopted/ introduced to America by a DEMOCRAT, Fmr Gov and Senator Theodore G Bilbo in the 1940’s.

And carried on to this day by Leftists…

Changing America’s demographics should sound familiar, yours truly has been warning for years the Left has been working overtime to change it via open borders. They did it in California, the testing grounds for everything they want to do to the US, which is now a complete disasters under one party rule. Make no mistake that is what the Left wants for America via replacement theory, so knowing its origin is quite racist and bigoted Leftists pin it on the Right who are pushing America First which Leftists twist around claiming is racist.

While unhinged, dangerous and quite violent the Left are masters of language, messaging and manipulation – they get their way all the time on EVERYTHING.

These people are evil and they must be stopped. Problem is we have no one to take the lead, and the moment someone does they get canceled, labeled everything in the book and tossed in jail. That in itself is the new effective tactic of the Left to silence any threat to their agenda, just ask any of the J6 political prisoners!