Gun Grabber Org’s Attorney & Biden Judicial Nominee Refuses to Answer Simple Question

Maybe you’re not aware but judicial appointments are still being made with nominees appearing before the Senate to answer simple questions. Here we have Rachel Bloomekatz, an attorney for gun grabber Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown, being asked a simple question if she agrees with the org’s position that “assault weapons” (whatever in the hell they are) should be banned.

As Sen Kennedy points out, Bloomekatz is afraid to answer a simple question, is not a judge and not bound by judicial ethics, so you know her answer is YES.

Her dodging of the question is expected, but what’s truly concerning is this is the type of person the illegitimate regime is seeking out to sit on the federal bench! They’re not seeking originalists, or down the middle jurists, the radical Constitution destroying regime is seeking out hardcore political/judicial activists who will bend over backwards to take your rights away!

Since progressives (D’s and R’s) control the Senate, this little monster will surely get confirmed. Progs have declared war on America and will destroy it without firing a shot, where one day you will wake up to the realization it’s too late to do anything as you’ve been canceled, banned, and more than likely put on a list to be rounded up for thoughtcrimes.