Here’s Solid Proof Biden is a Mindless Puppet

Many don’t need to see anymore proof, but for the doubters out there this should put any question the illegitimate individual is a mindless puppet to rest.

As you know the old fool carries around cheat-sheets, with short “facts” to back up his lies, who in the press to call on and now even instructions how to conduct himself, revealed during his response to the SCOTUS 2A ruling…

His WH handlers, under the direction of obama-jarrett-rice, will surely scold him for holding this card up allowing photographers to get a clear shot of it proving he’s puppet.

Take note his handlers had to capitalize and use bold font for him:

YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants.
YOU take YOUR seat.
•Press enters.
YOU give brief comments (2 minutes).
Press departs (t).
YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question.
Note: Liz is joining virtually.
YOU thank participants.
YOU depart.

God help this country if something serious happens, we’re completely screwed. So be sure to thank your Leftist/NeverTrump friends, co-workers, neighbors and family for installing this trainwreck and handing majority control of Congress to the dems. MAKE THEM OWN everything, this IS their fault!