House Dem Running For Senate Wants To “Kill” The MAGA Movement

Dems always claim they’re peaceful and civil until they get too comfortable talking about a subject they’re quite “passionate” about where their true dark side appears.

Here we have House congressman and Senate candidate Time Ryan go on a rant about how he wants to ‘kill’ the MAGA movement.

Apparently, being pro American, law and order, fiscally responsible etc etc are enough to make this guy want to kill it. And of course he does because he is a marxist…. “progressive” tyrant where those who embrace MAGA stand in his and his ilk’s way of total control over America.

Don’t care what anyone says, dems/Leftists are pure evil. They routinely talk about the power they want over America to change it into spree socialist utopia(which history has proven never works, instead results in mass deaths), invoke violence/wanting to kill things as the ends justifies the means to their insane agenda to fundamentally transform the USA.