Gov DeSantis Sent 2 Planes of Illegals to Martha’s Vineyard

Gov Ron DeSantis makes due on his promise, back in April, to send illegals out of Florida to democrat strongholds. Today 2 planes carrying illegals touched down in Martha’s Vineyard from FL!

Now you can expect progressives in NY and other dem strongholds to complain, whine, claim it’s inhumane, disrespectful etc when GOP/conserv leaders like DeSantis and TX GOv Abbott ship these invaders to their states/cities…. states/cities for the record that are “Sanctuaries” for illegals! You see its okay when illegals cross the border and set up camp in red states. It’s okay for them to enter the country get picked up by the govt and get bussed or flown around the US. It’s okay for illegals to cross the border and make their way to these cites on their own, but it’s a crime when GOP/ conserv leaders ship them around! Another example how hypocritical progressives are.

With the tens of thousands coming across we need more of this, dem strongholds need to be overwhelmed. Dems need to feel the economic, social and criminal pain they’re causing the entire US. These monsters want illegals let them have them.