Preview to the Presidents State of the Union Address

This is a preview to tonight’s State of the Union address. Save yourself the time and pain of watching with a few highlights of what our great Pharaoh surely will not touch upon.

These ARE his accomplishments, since coming to power:

  • US National Debt has grown from $10.626 trillion to $15.6T. He is on track to take the US debt to $16.8+T.
  • Unemployment has grown from 6.8% to 8.5% (number is based on those currently collecting unemployment; the real number if you factor everyone no longer collecting, those that are being reported, given up looking for work, working part-time etc is more like 22%).
  • 46 million Americans are on food stamps, poverty is at record highs.
  • The price of gas went from the national average of $1.79 to $3.48/gal.
  • Our “friends” around the world HATE us.
  • The democrat socialist controlled gov’t following Obama’s agenda have taken action to seize control of our healthcare, financial institutions, auto and the banking industries.
  • This same democrat socialist controlled gov’t has failed to pass a budget for the last 1000 days.
  • The Federal Reserve continues to print money, buy our own debt (monetizing debt, something Bernanke said they won’t do) at a record pace with no oversight.
  • Administration continues to draw up job killing policies in America sending American jobs overseas to China, India, etc.
  • Criticized military actions/ wars around the world yet continues to be an outright killing machine racking up more kills than his predecessors; committing the US to new theaters of operation in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Uganda etc. He will be sure to claim his trophy of giving the order to kill Osama Bin Laden.
  • Replaced 2 Supreme Court justices with two hardcore radical progressives. One especially who has no experience in the real world and absolutely no business making life changing decisions for the nation.
  • When Republicans in Congress (since gaining some majority power after Nov ’10 election) stonewall the administrations radical agenda Executive Orders are issued to go around Congress.

Again, there is more but these are just the highlights. You can bet you will hear the opposite of everything listed.

As usual America it’s all Bush’s and the republicans fault. Obama will remind everyone numerous times throughout his campaign speech that he inherited everything. There will be some references that everyone is being critical of him and not giving him a chance.

Obama will be sure to cite the Republicans, TEA Party, conservatives, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage etc in conservative radio, everyone at Fox News, anyone who embraces capitalism, the Constitution their Bibles and guns, are being racists keeping him down…. Oh its ATMs, automation and the advancement in technology’s fault too!

It’s everyones and everythings fault, Obama tried but will continue on via Executive Orders if need be. Of course during this campaign speech it wouldn’t be complete if it weren’t part of his re-election campaign since he has pretty much been campaigning for re-election since he won Nov ’08! That said he will make some subliminal message to the countless uninformed, unengaged, uneducated zombie drones who will be watching that he deserves another term to get everything he promised done in fundamentally transforming the Unites States of America.

The Pharaoh will most definitely invoke some fictitious person and tell their heartbreaking story, thus leading into another blame game that this character is down and out because of the resistance the Pharaoh gets from those named above. You can also expect to see some well placed “guests” in attendance who will be focal points during this campaign speech.

I guarantee you, you will be upset watching this address. Your blood pressure will surely spike watching while countless lies are being told. So if you choose to watch this spectacle and insult to America please, before viewing this disgrace, be sure to wrap your head in duct tape!

Our great leader Pharaoh Obama will of course end his campaign speech with a big
“Thank you, good night and God Bless America”


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