DNC Chair Dodges, Ducks And Dives To Avoid Answering Questions On Missing Dem Budget

This witch like Obama and the rest of the progressives loves to spin and never give a straight answer. She deflects the entire time putting it on the republicans and the Romney-Ryan budget. I wasn’t aware Romney was involved with writing budgets for the House!

What you are seeing folks is the mother of all setups! If the GOP wins in November they will inherit the mess of the progressives and Obama regime. This mess could more than likely destroy our economy as many think a collapse is coming. This is why they are putting it off. If the republicans gain more seats in the House, Senate and White House when everything goes to hell it will be blamed on the right.

When (if…) the next cycle of elections comes bad economic times will be all they need to seize complete and total power over this nation. In simplest terms its like driving your dad’s classic car that’s stick shift. The dems can’t drive stick and have carefully blown out the clutch. It’s your turn to drive not realizing how much damage is done, the clutch goes, dad finds out so its your fault. You are never allowed near the car again!