Mitt Romney’s Gives Primary Victory Speech on Verge of General Election

If you haven’t heard Mitt Romney swept all five primaries today in Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and New York! This was a very good speech Romney addresses class warfare and staying on issues not the diversions of the Obama, who will not be able to run on failed policies.

Romney posed these questions to the crowd, answer them for yourself:
Is it easier to make ends meet?
Is it easier to sell your home or buy a new one?
Have you saved what you needed for retirement?
Are you making more at your job?
Do you have a better chance to get a better job?
Are you paying less at the pump?

So America the way it looks you will have to choose between this capitalist or the closet communist occupying the White House! Choose!

Anyone else, be it write-ins, third-party candidates, choosing not to vote you might as well go buy a Obama ’12 shirt! We cannot have rogue candidates jumping in and stealing votes, any of that will hand the election to Obama. We cannot risk a close election, we cannot risk a repeat of 2000. If that was to happen you know the left will tear this country apart. This election must be decisive with a clear winner.