First the DOJ Stocks Up on Ammo… Now US Army is Stockpiling Anti-Radiation Pills

First there were reports of the DOJ/Homeland Security ordering over 450 million hollow point bullets. Keep in mind hollow points have one purpose. No not training, but to deliver maximum amount of damage to its target.


Now Business Insider is reporting the US Army is loading up on radiation pills. Claiming Fukushima, natural disasters, terrorist attacks etc as reasons for preparedness they also suggest they would come in handy following an airstrike on Iranian nuclear sites.

Some argue such strikes would not be completely successful as the Iranians have built nuclear complexes too deep underground. There would be some ground level damage from an airstrike but many believe ground troops would be needed.

Walk with me for a minute in conspiracy land…. There is an airstrike on the Iranian nuclear sites. Possibly half of their nuclear sites are damaged but not completely taken out because they are too deep underground. The only way to finish the job is through ground troops, BUT there is elevated radiation levels. NO PROBLEM! There is an ample supply of anti-radiation pills available. Meanwhile there is unrest in the US as a result of the strike… potentially violent unrest. The DOJ/Homeland Security is being forced to respond to the violent unrest with lethal force, for your protection, on well fortified/protected protesters. NO PROBLEM! They just got a hefty supply of hollow points for better stopping power/ penetration!

Something stinks…….

The US Army Is Stocking Up On A Ton Of Anti-Radiation Pills To Protect Troops

While checking out theFederal Business Opportunities network, we came across a listing by theDefense Logistics Agency — the Troop Support branch — seeking a supply of potassium iodide tablets.

Scrolling through the online solicitation, you’ll see the U.S. Army Medical Material Agency wants to ensure “critical operational forces are protected in the event of nuclear fallout.”

The FDA recommends taking potassium iodide in radiation emergencies to block cancer-causing radioiodines that would otherwise be absorbed by the body’s thyroid — the gland in your neck that regulates adrenaline and metabolism, along with doing a bunch of other stuff we need to survive.

The U.S. has bought potassium iodide tablets in the past, and is now looking ahead to scenarios, possibly spurred by last year’s Fukushima crisis.

As the federal solicitation is quick to pint out, “The recent earthquake in Japan in March of 2011 and the resultant nuclear crisis has renewed interest in this item.”

The pills are also used in case of terrorist-related release of radioactivity from nuclear weapons or dirty-bombs, says Anbex Inc., the only FDA-approved manufacturer of the pills.

Of course, potassium iodide would also come in handy if there were to be an airstrike against a target laden will nuclear material, say, like the sites in Iran. One of the big concerns surrounding the practical devastation of those nuclear facilities is the radiation it will unleash into the surroundings…. Read More