Van Jones and the Far Lefts War on Corporations

“What Color of Change is designed to do is much what Media Matters is designed to do, this other group, is to basically shut down conservative speech and look, they have a right to lobby these companies, it is a free country. They could lobby Coca Cola and Kraft and McDonald’s and tell them, well, American Legislative Exchange Council which is basically a free market group, business interest and state legislators a couple of thousand people. It’s a free market group, do a lot of different issues, a lot of different research, draft legislation.”

Ingraham points out the most important reason why they are so effective… they are well-funded. Unlike the right where you get cheers and wishes of “good job” the left FINANCES what they believe in. Whether it’s Soros or some rich Hollywood drone they put their money where their mouth is. You will NEVER see this from the right. Plenty of charges that the Kochs etc finance the right but it’s not there, there is nothing in comparison. Guys like Trump, Pickens etc the super wealthy on the right love to run their mouths but how much have they actually given to directly engage the left? ZERO! STR has received NOTHING in support to grow and be a direct threat to the left. This wealthy Americans WILL BE YOUR UNDOING. Hoard your hard-earned money, its your right but don’t you dare complain when the left finally comes for you and all your stuff! You choose to sit on the money rather than use it to finance a counter movement that is your choice, just understand you will stand alone one day… no one will be left to fight!

What Bill and Laura also left out is these are the tactics of communist thugs. Jones is a self avowed communist and believes in bullying businesses and people to comply. Otherwise he will do whatever is necessary to take you down Coca Cola & Pepsi is proof of it.